Charlie Bradbury: The True Supernatural Fan

I feel like Charlie Bradbury is the Supernatural fan the writers tried (and failed MISERABLY) to create with Becky. Charlie Bradbury, to me, seems to represent the true Supernatural fan. The one who loves the brothers and wants to see them alive and happy. The one who feels like a part of their family, enough to call them her brothers even though they aren’t. The one who doesn’t want to “miss the broment,” who agrees that they “fight like an old married couple.” The one who’s grateful to them for saving the world so many times. The one who wants to help Dean face his issues with Benny, Cas, and Sam. The one who’s sorry that Sam has had such awful luck in romance.

She represents the fan who has read the books (watched the show) and doesn’t just view their lives as a great story. She’s the fan who feels their story become real; who begins to care about these boys and to just want what’s best for them: for Sam to be happy in love, for Dean to save his little brother like he has so many times before. The fan who really loves them and feels like a part of their story.

I think this is what the writers meant when they created Charlie. Someone the show’s fans could look up to, admire, and relate to more than any character who’s ever walked onto this show. And while Charlie’s someone to relate to, she’s also someone to aspire to. She’s smart, and caring, and confident, and comfortable in her quirkiness. She’s brave even though she’s scared. In my mind she’s the true Supernatural fan because she’s the one true Winchester fan girl. Because she’s the one who roots for them the most.

She’s the best guest character to come out of this show, hands down, and I love her.